Kateřina Chamarel

KATERINA CHAMAREL is a Czech ceramist specialised in artistic jewellery and pictures created with mixed media technique.

She graduated at Academy of performing arts in Prague (AMU). Then she completed a professional internship at Atelier Kampa in Prague. 

Her work can be found in private art collections as well as in cultural institutes such as the Prague Museum of Decorative Arts (UPM).

Katerina currently lives in Florence and in Prague.

Kateřina Chamarel

Chamarel jewellery is rather abstract, focused on simple shape. Where it alludes to natural

forms, we may feel a gentle touch of Surrealism.

The present CONE COLLECTION is based on the cone – an element that invites multiple

interpretations. Full of contrasts, the jewellery benefits from both its extreme poles, thus

allowing to express the personality of the wearer. With their “spikes”, the pieces of closed

forms extend far into space; they safely protect hidden secrets and, symbolically, also their

owners. Conversely, the rings with wide-open bezels call for exploration. The pistils found

inside change the objects into flowers that allude to the birth of life.

Or aren’t these perhaps the antennae

of unidentified creatures?

PhDr. Petra Matějovičová, curator Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague